A beautiful couple and two of the most genuine people I know…

It’s been a busy fall and winter – S&S has been behind the lens capturing the distinct and unique…

I had the opportunity in October to photograph my best friend and his fiancé for their engagement… Matt and Leah were relaxed and playful as they meandered through Colt State Park in Rhode Island – here is what we captured.


Fun in the Snow

In the snow storm that we had a week or so ago, I decided that it would be a perfect time to see how the trusty old Saab handled the white stuff with its new tires. The result, of course, was that it was pretty unstoppable. Those Swedes sure knew how to build a car.

I also took my Nikon D700 and a new Sigma 15-30 along for the ride. I had read that the lens has poor flare control which concerned me a bit, but it looks just fine here. There is some visible flaring (partially due to water on the lens), but not enough to take away from the photo. I should have taken a tripod to reduce a bit of the blur and allow me to lower the ISO, but they’re not bad. Here’s what I got in downtown New London, check it out.

Baby Time

S & S Perspective recently dove into new subject matter – babies.

My girlfriend was very eager to assist with the styling and posing of the newborn, allowing me to focus on capturing the moment.  The subject was a beautiful 3-week old who took direction quite well – “Sleep”.  Although a departure from our normal photography sessions, it was truly an enjoyable experience.  Enjoy!